Before & Afters / Testimonials

H. Betts 09/01/15

I first joined True Fitness in March 2015 with no personal training experience and a significant amount of weight to lose. As a mom of three school-age children, a full-time RN, and a college student, I have limited spare time to commit to meet my personal health goals. Gina and Ryan have been so incredibly supportive in keeping me motivated and they make it easy for me to want to show up and work hard. I just finished my 2nd weight loss competition and I feel strong and motivated to compete in the next one this fall! I am so happy to have found True Fitness and become a part of their team!

R. Wright 09/02/15

I heard about Ryan Scully through a couple of friends and knew that I wanted to train with him.  I was excited to hear that he and Gina had opened True Fitness because I was in a rut; I couldn’t get out of it.  I had put too much weight back on and needed a serious change.  I was intrigued by the obstacle course stuff they have in the gym, but also nervous because it’s all new.  My nerves were immediately put at ease by Ryan when I met him and then Gina when I met her.  I started at True in January, 2015 and began feeling stronger by February.  I then joined their team Challenge in April and a second one in July.  I’m now down 50lbs and I feel amazing.  I’m not done quite yet, but I’m well on my way and feel I will finally reach my goals.  I have some new goals now and Ryan and Gina are all about helping me reach them.  I truly appreciate their passion for training, making sure my form is good all while kicking my butt at my pace!  I truly believe that if I can do it… anyone can do it!

Smithson 03/08/17

In May of 2016 I came to True Fitness to prepare for my first obstacle course race. I began by trying a few classes and fell in love with the atmosphere and upbeat attitude of the gym.  That summer, with a customized diet plan laid out by Gina and training with Ryan, I lost a total of 34 pounds.  Since that time I’ve lost an additional 25 pounds and have successfully completed multiple obstacle course races. I’ve been to other gyms but I’ve never had the experience I have had at True.  They encourage you to push beyond what you think is possible while supporting you through the process. This is what has been a part of keeping me motivated to go back to the gym and as a result see significant changes over the past year.  I have gained both confidence and strength and feel like I’m in the best shape of my life!  My next big challenge will be World’s Toughest Mudder in November this year.  Something I never thought possible before I came to True Fitness.

A. Ross 03/30/17

After struggling with some physical fitness goals for a career change, I realized I needed help and I decided to go toTrue Fitness. After discussing my situation with Ryan I immediately felt more confident in myself and was ready to get started. After four weeks of hard work and determination my body transformed way beyond what I expected and was able to surpass my goals both physically and mentally. I am now starting my third month and I’m in the best shape of my life. Along the way I made many new friends but most of all gained a family. Thank you Ryan, Gina and all the members of True Fitness for your support. Couldn’t have done it without you!

 A. Ritchelli 04/12/17

I have been playing golf now for about 20 years.  I have never been a great golfer but can enjoy myself on the course. This last year I went thru a horrible slump and was ready to give up the game as many of my golfer friends know.  But lately my game has turned around and I’m enjoying myself again. At 71 years old I can hit the ball longer than I ever did and sometimes outdrive the other, younger golfers.  Yesterday I hit a ball over 200 yards and shocked myself. I turned to my partner and said “Where did that come from?”  She answered, “Your workouts at True Fitness”.  Even my husband noticed when we play golf together on Sundays that I’m hitting the ball longer than I ever did before.  And that’s saying something!!!!!   Thank you True Fitness Gym for turning my game around.

Ben Boulware – 4/14/17

As a former professional athlete I have been around gyms & training my entire life. Being new in Anthem I heard about a place that had great energy and got results so I gave it a try. Being on the road for past 20 years I have been a member of over 100 gyms and True Fitness is where it’s at. Results and family feeling of True is #1. I was so happy that I brought in both of my teenagers and saw great results for them mentally and physically right way. Amazing for individuals and teenagers for killer results. True Fit forever and hands down best group gym in Anthem and Phoenix metro.

Lisa Johnstone

My son, Lucas, joined True Fitness Gym 1 year ago at the age of 14. Since then, Lucas has become an amazing athlete and gentlemen. His trainers not only instructed him in weight and strength training, but also in agility and nutritional fitness. But just as important, as a single mom, the trainers at True Fitness have insteilled in Lucas a deep respect for sportsmanship, teamwork, and “leaving no one behind…no matter what team they are on”. Lucas has participated in 10 plus competitions…Tough Mudders, Spartans, Ragnars, and on and on and this journey is abou enjoying the experience and fellowship – NOT about winner-but doing ones personal best. When he is at the gym, with his “brothers and sisters”, he is having a blast. Lucas’s goal is to become a Navy Seal. He is on his way!!!