We’ve all heard the statistics.  About 88% of all resolutions are dumped by January 17th.  Just over 2 weeks into the year we abandon what was going to be the major change that would be the difference between chaos and peace in our lives . They call it “Dump your Resolution” Day.  Seriously – it’s a thing, Google it. Why are we so determined to GSD (you can look that up too) before the New Year and then so casually give up the entire goal at the first slip up or the sign of difficulty?  Read on to avoid the top 3 common mistakes most people make when trying to make a major change in their lives:

  1. The goal is UNSPECIFIC. For example, to say I want to “be healthier” this year is too vague. What does that mean?? How do you do that? Be more specific. Something like, “I will eat a green leafy vegetable with dinner every night”, or for some of you just to EAT dinner every night would be a win! The idea is to state your resolution as specifically as possible.
  2. The goal is UNREALISTIC. So you’re going to get in the gym 5x/week and finally get in shape? Really? You averaged twice per month for the last 6 months. Way to tee up an epic fail! Be realistic and find a way to be held accountable.
  3. The goal has NO PLAN. Let’s say your resolution is to start going to sleep earlier. That’s great, but what’s the plan?? What will be your new ritual? Will you keep your phone and all electronics out of the bedroom? Will you have a cup of tea to relax at a specific time of night? Will you quietly cover your partner’s face with a pillow to stop the incessant snoring? No, don’t do that. Then you’ll be up all night with other issues!. The point is, plan out what you will do and put a time constraint on it.

So there you have it! Easy-Peasy, right?? No. It’s never easy, but nothing worth anything ever is.  You will fail at some point but that is not “end of story”.  There’s always a way to make something work if you want it badly enough. It just takes time, patience and self-forgiveness. Just keep at it. Stand up when you fall down and call out “DO-OVER!!!”. Just don’t do that in public, it would be weird…or if you do please video that and post it to social media for us all to enjoy!  Happy New Year!